Visiting Nativity

nativityAn Invitation – Join Us!

We invite you to discover our exciting congregation both here and on a Sunday morning.  Look around and explore the ministries of our congregation, but only a personal visit can help you to know if this is the church you are looking for.  Join us for worship and discover the blessing of being in a Christian community with diverse membership and an inclusive spirit that welcomes all persons to the altar.

We happily welcome all families, with a big heart for children and youth.  We mean all families; single people, those with special needs, single parents, seniors, LGBTQ, and what would be considered a traditional family.

We are here to support each other on each of our spiritual journeys and many different points of view are at home here.  However, we do not exist for our members alone, but for the good of our whole community and the welfare of our neighbors.

Who we are

Nativity is a community of people who care about each other and those beyond the congregation. We are vibrant and growing with members who are young and old, families and singles, from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. All are welcome. Should you wish to know more about Nativity or the Episcopal Church, join us in worship and stay for fellowship after the service. Our staff and members are glad to answer your questions and welcome an opportunity to greet you.

Front DoorsWhen you enter the church

Greeters will welcome you and assist you with any questions at the door. You will be provided a worship bulletin that will assist you in following along with the service. It contains the song numbers, biblical passages and special prayers so you can fully participate in the experience of worship.

The Service

The service is a celebration of the Holy Eucharist, which means “thanksgiving” in Greek. We give thanks for what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. It is also known as Holy Communion, because in it we commune with God and also with each other as the Body of Christ. We believe we encounter the Holy as we receive the communion and all are welcome at God’s Table.