6th to 12th Grade

Journey to Adulthood is a faith formation program for youth in grades seven to ten, which supports youth and their families as they travel the path from childhood to adulthood. Because the spiritual development of youth in these grades varies, two separate, yet related, parts of the program are offered. Each program is led by two committed adults.


Rite-13, the first building block in the Journey to Adulthood program, celebrates the energy, enthusiasm and challenges of seventh and eighth grade students. Rite-13 celebrates the transition from child to adult and the gift of being a man or woman, marking this transition with a special service at the end of the program.


J2A, for youth in ninth and tenth grade, is the core of the Journey to Adulthood program. It is based on the premise that while becoming a man or woman is a gift from God, becoming an adult is learned. J2A includes discussion, projects, activities, and, for those interested, can be a part of their preparation for Confirmation. J2A also encompasses a mentoring component outside of Sundays. Youth participants meet with their mentor for two years at least once a month for group social activities, one-on-one discussion sessions and other activities enjoyed by both the mentor and youth.