Buildings & Grounds Team

Buildings and Grounds Team

Team Lead: Brett Manteufel 
Team members:
Gary Demers

Overview The Buildings and Grounds team is focused on maintaining Nativity’s facilities, furnishings and grounds. The team focus on three specific areas: 1) Maintenance of the grounds, 2) Maintenance of the mechanical systems within the buildings, 3) Esthetics: paint colors, carpeting, blinds, decorating, signs, etc.

Things we manage or decide

  1. Routine preventive maintenance
  2. Unscheduled reactive maintenance
  3. Picking out colors, fabrics, materials
  4. Managing contractors: cleaning, snowplowing, building monitoring, grass mowing.
  5. Spring and fall cleanup days
  6. Controlling the temperature in various parts of the building
  7. Fire System
  8. Getting bids and estimates for major work
  9. Coordinating with vendors for repairs
  10. Ensuring consumable supplies are kept stocked: soap, trash bags, toilet paper, light bulbs, ballasts, etc.
  11. Determine the yearly budgetary needs of the team for recommendation to the Finance Team

Activities we are accountable for

  1. Behind-the-scenes maintenance. Ensure the building and ground are functional, safe and support the needs of the congregation.
  2. Approve expenditures for team budgetary line items (green slips)


How can you help, what skills do you need?

  1. Painting and decorating.
  2. Snow shoveling
  3. Any sort of mechanical skills: Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, lawn mower maintenance, construction, etc,
  4. Planting and maintaining plants: Trees, bushes, flowers, mulch, etc.

What is the time commitment?
The team will take whatever time you are willing to offer! We will typically meet quarterly. In between meetings, there will be things that need to get done that will require your time. With a building the size and age of Nativity’s, there’s always something on the list that need to be done.

How to contact us…
Send an email to the team at: