Membership Team

Membership Team

Team Lead: Nick Zeitler
Team members: Sherri Fuller, Essie Geiger, Neal Cronin, Cindy Cronin, Gretchen Goodman, Mary Gorelczenko, and Kasia Gorelczenko

Overview The membership team is focused on retaining and gaining members through welcoming and engaging them to learn and be involved at Nativity.

Things we manage or decide

  1. Greeter Program
  2. Newcomers Dinner
  3. Call or Invite Newcomers
  4. Follow up Pre & Post Dinner
  5. Invite Members and Vestry to attend.
  6. Organize Food for Dinner
  7. Work with Communications to create marketing materials (Brochure, Flyers, Ads)
  8. Cultivate our church story, by creating experiences, or building upon church history through tradition.
  9. Using the CMS to help with our engagement and understand how we can work to engage more members.
  10. Determine the yearly budgetary needs of the team for recommendation to the Finance Team

Activities we are accountable for

  1. Greeter Program
  2. Newcomers Dinner
  3. Engaging Members and New Members
  4. Utilizing and understanding the trends with membership through the CMS and communicating those trends to the vestry.
  5. Develop a New Shared Ministry Program (Research other models and our history)
  6. Running membership reports on request
  7. Entering new and existing member information into the CMS
  8. Bread delivery to new members
  9. Approve expenditures for team budgetary line items (green slips)


How can you help, what skills do you need?

  1. Anyone with an interest in building and maintaining membership. Those with a history in marketing and sales would be great people to help as well.
  2. Additionally anyone who is great at data entry could help with CMS work.
  3. People comfortable calling newcomers and members to invite or ask them questions.

What is the time commitment?
Time commitment varies by involvement. We meet once a month for 2 hours at Nativity or a team member’s home. Work on various projects and initiatives. 4-20 hours a month.

How to contact us Please feel free to email or any of us for any questions you may have.