Being Episcopalian

Episcopalians believe in:

  • Worship that invites you in to an experience of the Holy, instead of putting you on the sidelines as an observer.
  • A theology that demands our intelligence rather than ignoring it.
  • A willingness to not only tolerate, but celebrate differences.
  • A heritage that takes the Bible very seriously but is not bound by literalism.
  • A strong sense of community in which our consensus is in Christ, not in a conformity of opinion.
  • A devotion to the Biblical Sacraments instituted by Jesus which evoke awe and mystery, instead of factual explanation.
  • A sense of ministry that is rightly the obligation and privilege of every baptized person.
  • An insistence on morality (what is good and loving) and an avoidance of moralism (salvation by code and not by Christ).