Technology Team

Administration: Technology Team

Team Lead: Peter Gorelczenko

Team members: Robert Wenck and Brian Higgin-Houser

Overview The Technology team is focused on and accountable for anything technology related with Nativity.

Things we manage or decide

  1. Computers
  2. Network
  3. Gathering space TV
  4. Infrastructure of the Website and Email
  5. Projector/TV
  6. Telephony
  7. Cloud storage for shared documents
  8. CMS (Logos) support
  9. Determine the yearly budgetary needs of the team for recommendation to the Finance Team

Activities we are accountable for

  1. Behind-the-scenes maintenance, enhancement and strategy to keep these technology systems responsive to the people, staff and mission of Nativity.
  2. Approve expenditures for team budgetary line items (green slips)

How can you help, what skills do you need?

  1. Anyone with network design/setup/maintenance experience 2. Anyone with Telephony/Voice Mail experience. We use Nortel Northstar and CallPilot voice mail. 3. Knowledge of setting up a security system (cameras, etc). 4. We can certainly use any computer hardware/laptops when you upgrade. Please keep us in mind.

What is the time commitment?

  1. Time commitment varies, depending on which project involved with.

How to contact us…
Contact the team at: