Faith Formation Team

Faith Formation Team

Team Lead: Annette Gorgoglione
Team members: Emily Gillespie, Heidi Degener, Deb Arnold, Grace Arnold, Sarah Barnett

Overview The Faith Formation Team is responsible to provide for the spiritual growth and faith formation of Nativity members at every age and stage.

Things we manage or decide

  1. Curriculum
  2. Scheduling of programs
  3. Supporting and training of volunteer leaders and teachers
  4. Creating physical space that is conducive for various faith formation age groups and their needs.
  5. Determine the yearly budgetary needs of the team for recommendation to the Finance Team

Activities we are accountable for

  1. Sunday Morning Children’s & Youth classes for Grades PreK-12
  2. Evening Youth Group for Grades 6-12
  3. Involving Children in Worship
  4. Vacation Bible School
  5. Mission Trips
  6. Camps & Retreats
  7. Adult Forums
  8. Adult Bible Studies
  9. Growing Together Through Prayer
  10. Episcopal 101 class
  11. Approve expenditures for team budgetary line items (green slips)

How can you help, what skills do you need?

  1. Desire to strengthen faith formation opportunities for members of a particular stage or age.
  2. Willingness to build furniture, paint, and/or find volunteers to do this to make the education wing’s classroom’s physical spaces more conducive to the particular needs of faith formation groups.

What is the time commitment?

  1. We will meet about 2 times/month to brainstorm and plan.
  2. More time will be needed depending on what you volunteer to help with.

How to contact us…
Contact the team at:
Vestry Liaison: Deb Arnold
Staff Support for Children and Youth: Sarah Barnett,
Staff Support for Adults: Dana Fath Strande,