Finance Team

Administration: Finance Team

Team Lead: Andrea Thermos Team members: Andy Cerio, Dave Rowley, Mary Lou Lamain, Nancy Eduvas, Jon Stoa, George Scalia

Overview The Finance Team is focused on and accountable for the financial issues facing the parish, monitoring account and investment activity, and making finance related recommendations to the Vestry.

Things we manage or decide

  1. Monitor account and investment activity monthly
  2. Investigate account specific issues
  3. Discuss financial issues and prepare recommendations for the Vestry
  4. Work with stewardship to help them understand the financial needs of the parish
  5. Solicit staff, team, and other input as needed to prepare an annual budget
  6. Prepare annual draft budget for approval by the Vestry

Activities we are accountable for

  1. Development of financial policies and procedures
  2. Oversight of bookkeeper
  3. Recommendations to the vestry for budget expenses, staff salary adjustments, and capital expenditures.


How can you help, what skills do you need?

  1. An understanding of reading financial reports and analyzing financial data
  2. Working with Nativity teams to determine their annual budgetary needs

What is the time commitment?

  1. The Finance Team meets on the second Tuesday of each month for 2-3 hours
  2. In addition to this time, you could expect to spend an additional 10-20 hours per month on finance related items based upon the tasks you choose to assist with or oversee

How to contact us…
Send an email to the team at: