We Gather Together

wgt-logo-2The We Gather Together events were a popular fundraiser, again, this year. Many of the events sold-out that evening, but some are still available for purchase. Below is the revised list of events that are still open. Please sign up in the Gathering Space for the events you wish to attend. Place your payment in the offertory plate during services or send to the parish office. Please include attendees’ names, “WGT” and event number with the payment.




Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” We gather together in worship every Sunday, now it’s time to “Gather Together” for fun and fellowship on another day of the week. Gathering isn’t just for Sunday anymore!

…a category of silent auction items featured at Nativity’s GALA! on 11/05/216.
…events, parties, learning experiences, and just plain FUN! activities generously donated and hosted by members of the Nativity community that serve as fund-raisers and community builders.
… are attended by Nativity members, their neighbors, friends and relatives of all ages.
…you (and perhaps some friends) are hosting an event for members of the Nativity community and other invitees of your choice (neighbors, friends and family).
…you decide the theme, the date, the location, and the cost per participant.
…you decide if you want your event to be for children, teens, adults or cross generational and how many participants you can accommodate. (If you want to host a large number of people, check on the availability of the Fellowship Room at Nativity as a place for your We Gather Together.)
…you accept responsibility for the costs of the event, liability, and logistics associated with hosting your We Gather Together. (This is a personal donation to Nativity as part of the GALA!, so use your ingenuity.)
…Nativity reaps 100% of the proceeds from We Gather Together events.


FIRST… decide on a theme for your event.
Some examples of past events include: rib fest, football party, ladies night out, sushi making party, sledding party, backyard movie night, pierogi making, bike tour, kids yoga class, brat BBQ, parent/child hockey party, maple sugar outing, bowling party, cookie making
Some other ideas: hold a scavenger hunt for kids/families in your neighborhood; have a disco party; make piñatas; hold a painting/drawing party for kids; have a tie-dye party; make homemade pizza with a group of friends/neighbors; host a rock painting party; make garden stepping stone; have a mod podge party; hold an education session on essential oils, gardening, bee keeping, basic finances, personal safety or some other area of expertise; DREAM BIG!
SECOND… pick a date and time.
Events can be held November 6, 2016 through September 30, 2017
THIRD… fill out a form. Download the FORM HERE: we-gather-together-host-form-2016
The deadline for turning in your form is October 10, 2016. Send it via e-mail to nativity@nativitymn.org. Someone will confirm your details, reserve the Fellowship Room (if it is available) and will help work through any scheduling problems. We’d like to schedule only one event on a single day.
FINALLY… don’t forget!
Mark your calendars for the International Bazaar GALA! on November 5, 2016. You won’t want to miss it!





Previous We Gather Together Events

Pierogi Making – February 20, 2016

IMG_3466  IMG_3472

On a chilly Saturday morning, a group of Nativity members gathered at the Gorelczenko house to participate in a family tradition- pierogi making! Everyone was encouraged to try all parts of the pierogi making process- rolling and cutting dough, filling pierogis, boiling and wrapping. At the end of the day, everyone was gifted several bags of homemade pierogi they helped make to take home and enjoy!

Bonfire with the Boys – May 16, 2015

A group of about 40 Nativity members gathered on a cool Friday night for fellowship and fun. Even though the weather was cool, the food was warm, and the music was wonderful (provided by One Ukulele, a local group featuring sweet three-part harmonies). Or more concisely, courtesy of our Men’s Group hosts (Rob Arnold, David Drymon, Lee Hage, and Jim Joyner):

We made food. We made fire. We made music. It was fun. Rob went fishing.

A Beginner’s Guide to Indian Cooking – March 15, 2015

Wonderful smells greeted the participants as we arrived for this wonderful Gather Together at Kim and Prashub Batham’s home. Each person was provided with a recipe book to take notes during the demonstration and a small starter kit of spices to take home. Three words to describe the food: DE. LI. CIOUS. The gracious hosts answered a wide variety of questions and provided a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere in which to learn.

An Afternoon of Sledding, Hot Cocoa, and a Bonfire – March 8, 2015

We were blessed with a PERFECT day for this fun sledding event! Five families gathered at Crystal Lake Learning Center and spent 1 ½ hours laughing, sledding, climbing, and laughing some more. It wasn’t just the young ones that felt like kids that day…

After we were tired and ready for a treat, everyone went back to the Joyner house for hot cocoa, snacks, and fellowship.